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When you install a new solar energy system at your business premises or in your own home and you own it a hundred percent you are eligible for a thirty percent federal tax credit. The thirty percent federal tax credit is applicable when you own the solar power system we eat at home or at your business premises you are guaranteed to get your tax credit. With the extension that was given off five years which is expiring on 31st of December 2019 you should move very fast and install your solar power energy system for you to qualify for the thirty percent tax credit.

However much you spend on your solar power energy system the tax credit incentive will ensure that you get the best quality for your money. Move today with high-speed and your installation why these numerous incentives are still in place.

The 5 Year solar tax credit incentive was extended since the year two thousand and five When the government put this law in place. Comparing the cost of solar power system installation today and in five years time it is best that you do it today it will be more affordable than later on.

Moving with speed and making your installation today will help you take advantage of the solar investment tax credit window that is still open in the next few days. Upon completion of the solar power energy installation, you are qualified to get the Investment tax credit as specified by the law according to the extension. The tax incentive is as good as getting a 30% discount from your installation cost during the time of purchase and installation of your solar power energy system.

At smart choice is that of making all your installations of the power solar power installations today then passing on to the subsequent years of the filing of your tax return the rest of the Investment tax credits. By having many more people turn to renewable energy they reduce the amount of reliance or non-renewable energy solutions as such they had to extend the Investment tax credit period up to date.

Once you go for the option of PPA or a lease agreement with the installation person you are no longer qualified to apply for the Investment tax credit because the installation does not belong to you. Move with speed today and consult for free with the experts in solar power energy from who will receive a free quotation to help you decide on installation today. Having gone through the passage and the article above you realize that the incentives and the credits that are given by the government will guarantee the best value for your solar power energy solution system.

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